Softball Instructional


Softball Instructional is a program intended for young players to develop softball skills in preparation for Softball Minors.


Softball Instructional meets twice per week beginning in late April. The season is divided into three sections

  • 1st Third | 2 Practices/Week
  • 2nd Third | 1 Practice and 1 Game/Week
  • 3rd Third | 2 Games/Week

FIELD DIMENSIONS and equipment

  • 11” Cushioned Ball
  • Base distance is 60 feet
  • Pitching rubber is 35 feet


Required Equipment

  • Fielder’s mask (steel)
  • Batting helmet with face guard
  • Fielding glove (pigskin leather)
  • Softball Bat
    • T-Ball or ASA Softball
    • Typical bat length is 24-26”
  • Softball cleats
    • Molded soccer cleats acceptable

Optional Equipment

  • Softball Pants
  • Batting Gloves
  • Sliding Shorts

WYBSA can provide bat, helmet, and fielder's mask during practices and games.